Group Experiences – Sound Baths

During a sound bath the healing sounds of Himalayan bowls, crystal bowls, chimes, rainstick, voice and gong all combine to help you sink into a deeply peaceful state of calm and bliss. Coming to a sound bath is gifting yourself the opportunity to take time out from your busy life. You will be able to lie down with a cosy blanket and pillow in a beautiful relaxing space and be bathed with the most sumptuous of sounds over the course of an hour.

The experience is cosy, warm and welcoming. The vibrations and frequencies of the instruments are nurturing and can help to support the body’s own natural ability to heal.  Through the use of ancient sound and frequency, the mind will quickly enter the meditative alpha theta brainwave state , bringing  peace , clarity and balance. After a sound bath, your body, mind and spirit will feel revitalized and you will be left with a feeling of deep inner calm.

Sound baths are 60 mins duration. The cost is £10 if booked in advance, £12 on the door or a block of 8 sessions for £70.

Please contact me with any queries about the sessions.